Book sale!

December 20, 2013

Update (Dec 24th, 2013) The book sale is over and I'm happy with the outcome: my books went to someone who will make good use of them and 300€ went to the Asociación Las Nieves non-profit. The experiment of using twitter as a bidding channel has been fun and worked well.

Original entry:

I'm selling all my dead tree technical books as a single collection to individuals or companies based in the Community of Madrid (Spain). I'll run a twitter-based bid, which will finish in Dec 24th at 15:00 (Madrid time, CET), and donate all the money to a non-profit organization.

The books are in a very good condition, some of them could be sold as new. Although some of the books are obsolete, many of them teach principles that can be extremely valuable for developers at any level. There are also some books about design, user interfaces and information architecture, disciplines out of my specialty but which I consider valuable for developers as well.

I'm selling the whole collection together, to avoid the expense of delivering the books separately. I'll be delivering the collection myself, so I'm limiting the sale to individuals/companies in the Community of Madrid – unless someone is willing to pay a very expensive delivery bill or come to pick them up. If the winner is only interested in some books, I'll donate the rest to a library.

I'll be selling them through a bid, publicly visible via twitter. If you or your company are interested in this collection, tweet your price with the hashtag #RaulBookSale and follow it to track the bid. Please notice that tweets without the exact hashtag won't be considered in the bid.

The initial price is 100€, which is a total bargain given the amount and quality of the titles: the productivity and quality boost that a developer can get from reading books like Refactoring, The Pragmatic Programmer, Clean Code or Implementation Patterns alone is already worth way more than that.

Once the bid is over, I'll announce the winner from my twitter account and we'll arrange the payment and delivery details. If you're not interested in the bid but know someone that could be, please spread the word!

Here is the full list of books, linking to their pages in Amazon – you'll see stellar reviews in most of them. Place your bid and please help me to spread the word!

Programming: patterns and best practices

Ruby / Rails


JavaScript / Front-end

Flash / ActionScript

Mac OS X automation

Project Management

Other languages

Linux / Systems

Design / User interfaces



The bid will finish in Dec 24th at 15:00 (Madrid time, CET).

Remember, use #RaulBookSale to participate and please spread the word!